Team Cluster

by Team Cluster

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Team Cluster is:
John Yanes - Vocals
Robert Jones - Guitars
Scott Masoner - Bass, Piano, Keyboards
Scott Taylor - Drums

Additional Treatments, Transitions, and Sound Design by Don Gunn

Produced by Scott Masoner
Mixed by Don Gunn at The Office
Mastering by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering

Artwork, Concept, and Design by Patrick Holderfield


released October 26, 2016

Starting (S. Masoner & Team Cluster)
Rising (R. Jones & Team Cluster)
Falling (S. Masoner & Team Cluster)
Ending (R. Jones & Team Cluster)

All Lyrics by J. Yanes



all rights reserved


Team Cluster

Team Cluster started in 2010 when I reconnected with some of my oldest friends & former bandmates: John Yanes, Scott Taylor, & Robert Jones.
We all live in different cities now, but thought it would be interesting to trade ideas online and see where it went.
With an "anything goes" approach, a fair amount of trial & error, and a lot of patience, we arrived here.
I hope you enjoy it

S Masoner
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Track Name: Starting

From the start the stage is set
The curtain falls and you forget
The lines you had inside your head
Begin to rise and fall again

You win…you lose
This right to choose
You reach the end and you refuse
The help that comes from everyone…

Starting over

The truth my friend is at this end
You’ve looked the other way again
Track Name: Rising

On the way not today
I can see it moving thru the air
Like a smoke cloud
Leaving all the earthbound

In a flash it’s a gas
That I must be breathing every day
Like a smoke cloud
Leaving all the earthbound

With an eye to the sky
I can see it moving with the wind
Like the jet stream
Bringing us a wet dream

Check my bags and hold on tight
I’m staring at the stars tonight
One last look and then we disappear

From this view I see it all
It’s better to have never fallen
Rising is our one best destiny

It’s a way from today
People started thinking of this life
Just a faint sound
Coming from your hometown

In a hum here it comes
From a voice that’s breathing in my ear
Like a whisper coming from within her

In this moment thought begins to
Bend its will surrounding you
Fills the head and heart with all it needs

Waiting for fate to take hold
Drifting into the unknown
Creeping into all of your cool heads

There’s a word never heard
From the mouths of everyone you see
Starting solo waiting for the echo

On the way not today
I can see it moving thru the air
In a smoke cloud
Leaving all the earthbound
Track Name: Falling

Losing ground...going down
Head in doubt...down and out
Lost and found...round and round
Losing ground...going down

I bear witness to the quickness
Fate comes calling
Now I'm eternity

Helpless I surrender sweet decline
Weightless ever nearer never mind
Silence as I fall to the unknown
Crisis all the way and all my own

At the top nowhere to go but down
Wonder at this unknown end
Lost in all that mystery 'til now
Take the fall and rise again

Fall to pieces...going down
Breath increases...hold your ground
Fall to pieces...going down
No excuses for you now
Track Name: Ending

At the end into uncertainty...Mystery
Lost in all that was and what will be...Destiny
As the day winds to a memory...Finally
Almost free

Roads clear, you hear
A voice upon the wind
Give in, listen
For it to begin

The spaces in between
Memories unseen
Save the best of highs
And kiss them all goodnight